Thursday, March 15, 2012

Anonymous said: what is punk rock?

Punk rock is an inherently nebulous term used to describe a diverse artistic and social movements that have existed all over the world since for over 35 years now that can be generally defined by three criteria:

1) Noise. The abstract. Fast aggressive music. The Ramones.
2) Attitude. The personal. A kneejerk anti-authoritarian tendency and desire to goad and anger people. The Sex Pistols.
3) A tendency towards a progressive/radical political stance. The social. An attempt to work towards a more equal world. The Clash.

While these are the three primary defining factors related to punk rock there are many corollary factors such as an adherence to DIY philosophy or wearing really fucked-up cool looking clothes, but these three are the most general and important defining factors (and if you had to boil it down to one single thing then it’s the tension between these three things, the effort of trying to reconcile obnoxiousness with openmindedness, acceptance with alienating noise). You will find that all punk rock things and bands fit in to at least one of these criteria, if not more, but not all are required to make something punk rock and something can fit one or more criteria and still not be punk rock. It’s basically a way for fucked-up kids to relate to themselves and society in an essentially fucked-up world through art and politics and self-belief or the lack of these things and it’s conveniently ill-defined enough to allow a whole bunch of very different people to easily put their faith and heart in its name.

It is also a lot of fun!